The powerful wakefulness of consciousness allows, generates, penetrates and releases experience.

This is the blissful light of awakening through which we can witness all things, even consciousness itself. Consciousness can divide, multiply, focus and create.

It is a protector, a teacher, a gatekeeper and that which surrenders all that magnificent power and freedom to aspects greater than itself.

With our consciousness, we organize linear time – from the 24-hour clock, through to the construction of sequences of cause and effect, thus composing our stories, processes and under- standing our direction.

Within individual consciousness is the deep imprint of the highly special manifestation of the individual, unique in the universe, moment by moment.

As consciousness moves into deeper embodiment in physical form, it emanates the experience of bliss.

At the eye of consciousness is the witness: that which sees and records all manifestation as it emerges into the field of knowledge.

Through our consciousness, we can enter the stillness of silence and become blessed with the universal presence of peace.