Author of I AM HERE – opening the windows to life and beauty, Georgi (Georgina Yael Johnson) has been involved with healing, teaching and meditation for most of her life. With a passion for going to the depths, she will be leading us towards the gates of awakening, enlightenment and self-realization through opening the windows of perception.

Georgi has a passion for working with people – especially in supporting them in the movement beyond fear towards manifestation. It is her understanding that in every affliction or suffering is the secret of individual manifestation. As such therapy with Georgi involves a process in which all that is surfacing is treated as an opportunity towards healing.

With a BA from Oxford University in English Literature, and a deep knowledge of creative processes and the language or the unconscious, Georgi is an experienced hypnotherapist and spiritual healer. Together, you will establish with her the kind of mentoring that feels right to move forwards into a deeper expression of your unique purpose.

It is possible to book sessions with Georgi on Skype (user: way-to-eden), in the Chashymie clinic in Zichron Yaakov Israel, or (if in advance) in the areas where she is teaching. This year, that includes the UK, Holland and Alaska. Check the events page to get an idea of what is possible.

To inquire by SMS: (972) (0)524297196

The price of a 1 hour session by Skype is $80


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Meditation is a rejuvenating and positive way to turn inside in order to create space for the transformation and release of blocked emotion, grief, nervous stress or mental disquiet. When we attend to the inner world, we invite the windows of perception to open, which increases our confidence and vitality in our daily lives.

We regular post meditations and exercises which open the windows of perception and affirm and balance the body’s energy system through chakras, energy points and natural geometry.

The meditations are based on inspiration of individuals leading the Friday meditations in Israel, and on the Healing Principle seven year education developed by Dr. Bart ten Berge and presently taught world-wide.

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Some Guided Meditations