Who sees the paradox? Human Vs Spiritual.


Modern western life is bitter sweet. We save money by spending it. Powerful fools are honored as founts of wisdom.

We believe we should not go in the water until we know how to swim. We await the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. We are cruel to be kind and our kindness can be the greatest cruelty.

We lie that we are lying to ourselves. In physical bodies, we are animals, while in our minds, we act like creator gods.

In our hearts, we long for unity, while with our thoughts we construct all that which sets us apart.

Constantly, we isolate ourselves in our fear of loneliness.

Duocylinder_ridge_animatedWe strive to free ourselves of anger, while we rage at those that don’t. Claiming to be free of fear, we hide from the fearful behind giant social masks.

We become bored by lack of fulfillment, while clinging to that which never brings content. We expect the world to serve endless pleasure, while the concept of service itself is despised.

We want to be seen, yet we refuse to see. We seek to be free, yet we despise those that are. We spend our lives struggling to survive, and then we die.

All that can be seen is not who or what we are. We are the miraculous one watching it all. It is time to be honest enough to let ourselves be that.