All about LOVE – 8 ways to let it be

1235006_588288777894517_1338304815_nImagine that all the love you have ever felt, ever expressed and ever longed for is available to you right now. It is carried into your body on the air that you breath. It circulates through your blood, through your organs, through your skin and through each individual cell.

How would it be to feel that every movement, every form, every sound or vibration passing through you was composed of particles of love?

How would it be if there was so much love available to you at any given moment that the only one that sets the limit and retracts is you?

How would it be if love is who you are?

We hear a lot about conditional love and unconditional love. In conditional love, echos the fear of being controlled or abused. In unconditional love resounds the fear of sexual anarchy and loss of any special space in which to safely reside as a human being. With all these human conditions, we throw out the love which is an essential part of who we are. We discard it in favor of a collective, toxic precept: BE AFRAID.

We are the authors of the lack of love in our lives. This lack is found in our attempt to consciously dictate our own form in the world. We limit love in order to create a strong form for ourselves – as females and males, as human beings and as sentient beings.

Yet, love exists abundantly and timeless beyond any human condition. Conditions cannot effect love, they can only create a temporary illusion that we are divided from it.

This division is an illusion, because love is there at our conception and is there at our decomposition. Love is in every particle of experience. Love is the one agenda behind the creation of our planet.

i-love-you-repeatThrough love, we exist, through love, we recognize our existence in others.

Through love we hold together the brilliant mosaic which is humanity without losing the sanctity or pure passion which is each individual.

Through love, we are evolving together.

For millennia, love has been our agenda, as individuals and as groups. It is often our secret agenda, that which we crave and that which we miss. It is our common ethic and our shared belief. It is humanity’s highest quest, and right now, for some reason seems to be the source of humanity’s greatest dread.

That is, we think we can defer love for later – when we are safe enough to accept it. We think it can be stored, like cash, or kept on a top shelf for use in an emergency. Yet that safety we demand as a prerequisite of love,  is itself already there in the love itself, and tomorrow never comes.

Who is brave enough allow love – to express love, and to let themselves be loved?


603102_600993119951142_67646916_n1. Awareness

Love is a feeling, which is awareness. It is not a thought. It is not a belief. It is not exclusive and it is not dependent on any “thing”. We can consciously create an opening for love. We do not create the love.


2. Timeless

Love is timeless. It is infinite and independent of time, although it manifests through all the layers of time. It has no beginning and no end. As such, even a memory of love evokes the feeling of love. This feeling of love is love.


3. Freedom

Love does not belong to anyone. It is not “my” love or “your” love. It cannot be possessed. It is impossible to possess that which you are. We are responsible to love – but love is not obliged to the false ideas of who we are.


4. Expansion

If we allow the feeling of love, it expands. Allowance means we do not hook it onto people, things or situations. The latter are the conditions we put on the allowance of love in our lives.


5. Every Thing

Where there is awareness, there is love. All that we are aware of is composed of love. Awareness itself is love, and the purity of our love is reflected in the purity of our awareness. The world of form or of “things” is made up of love in different degrees of refinement, just as an ice-berg is a form of water which is a form of steam. This is the circulation of form and transformation.


6. It hurts

Feelings in our awareness which seem not to be love, are also composed of love. How is it that one day we can love our friend, and the next day hate them? Even the hatred is love in frozen form. It is composed of love. When it loosens and melts through a release of fear or anger, it will return to love. Nobody ever said that love cannot be painful.


7. Couples

A love which depends on another person satisfying our needs, being under our control or being a certain shape, color or size is a love which is abused. The true basis of a loving relationship is a love which genuinely celebrates the life and form of another beyond personal agenda.


8. Invitation

Love is just a feeling – intimately connected with the feeling of being alive. Love is a first expression of our unconditional existence in form. Fear of rejection, jealousy and the need to control, obscure the feeling of love. When it is invited, love reveals itself. The best way to invite love is to allow the expansion of the feeling. Even if we begin with feeling love for a grasshopper, through allowance, the love can circle the universe.