15 Ways to Unlock Heaven

Come check out our expanding list of beliefs that bar our freedom to be deeply human. Feel free to add your own in the comment box below!

92px-Blake_jacobsladder1. Beliefs determine spirituality

Our beliefs are mental ladders to the unknown. They do not define us, and they can reveal where we are limited.

2. Male and female spirituality are different

The male and female aspects are interdependent, each affecting the other.

88px-Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour3. Spirituality means renouncing the world

Spirituality involves allowing the full power of ourselves, including the spiritual, into the world.


4. War is the opposite of peace

The opposite of war is surrender. Peace has no opposite


99px-Leonardo_da_Vinci_0095. Freedom from suffering means no more suffering

Freedom means we are no longer imprisoned. It does not cancel out the phenomena of suffering.


6. I can control life with my mind

The mind is a mirror of life. It can create illusions within life, but life itself will always escape it.

84px-Malevelence7. Hatred is the opposite of love

Hatred is love in frustrated form. It is a tremendous suffering to he or she that experiences it, and its agenda is to provoke the same suffering in others. It is inter-connection with a power agenda: love frozen like an iceberg. The opposite of hatred is self-destruction. Love has no opposite.

8. If I am really free, that means I will do evil

There is a deep distrust of freedom, due to unreleased somatic memory of trauma. Yet freedom doesn’t create suffering, although many who seek power to satisfy private agenda might threaten this. In real life, the more free we become, the more we become responsive. The more free we become inside ourselves, the more freedom we are able to allow others. The tendency to hurt others decreases.


120px-William_Blake_0079. Life is the opposite of death.

Life is not the opposite of death. Life has no opposite. Birth is the opposite of death.


10. You can measure spiritual development

A sneaky trick of the ego to keep you hooked in the illusory ladder of superiority, inferiority, jealousy and arrogance. The mind that could judge spiritual development is a far distance from the heart that connect through it.


81px-Da_Vinci_Studies_of_Embryos_Luc_Viatour11. Rejection is about division

When we reject, we are actually affirming the existence of that which we push away. Rejection is a perverse kind of entanglement. It’s not indifferent, it’s personal. It seeks the attention of the other it seeks to exclude. It annihilates the dignity and freedom of the other due to the power the other has over he or she that feels compelled to reject.



12. Unity is not possible in physical form

In the physical dimension of atoms and molecules, we are made of identical compounds and return to the same dust. The present formulation is an individual expression of unity.


13. Separation is the opposite of unity

Separation is the opposite of togetherness. Unity has no opposite.


14. Experience is shared

1236189_615143881851014_1393157251_nExperience arises from perspective. While the sum total of perspectives is shared, the individual experience in any moment is unique and precious to that moment.


15. Silence is the opposite of noise

Quiet is the opposite of noise. Silence is always there. It has no opposite.


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