Look at the STATE we’re in. Meditation behind perceptive states

images (6)“Come,” said the One.

“Come back here to me and witness the superpower now governing your world.

Its secret is that you believe you are free, yet all the time it holds you.

Come and watch some films with me, dear child of form, come watch the un-united states of who you are not.”

We went back, the One and I, back behind the physical nagging; beyond the frustration and the pain; back we went, flying over storms of grief and loss happening whether we weather them or not. Back we went, to the back row of being and behind that.

Here, it is not happening and all is still. Behind time and happening, behind space itself we sat and I was One and One was I. And before us was the high-street, three dimensional on a giant screen.

Rejection,” said the One.

And pain filled the theater and stiffened faces and averted eyes conspired with arrogance to make it all make sense. Even the chairs seemed to reject the watchers in dust grimed resentment. We could taste rejection in the mouth, smell it in the stifled air and feel it like pixel grit beneath the fingernails. The buildings withered uncertainly and it seemed they could fall if blood would not be shed soon.


A black and white tedium, so lifeless I cried “close the curtains and let it end or I will end my self!”


warholAs true as a cheap chocolate box or popcorn with too much salt we all pretend to like as we smile with bits caught in our teeth.

And I, a solitary camera on the shining light through the filters of perception, shined the light still brighter, brighter until the filters dissolved.

Happy suddenly, in the cinema hall and free to leave.

Stay,” said the One. “The states of being divided are the states of the beautiful manifold. Stay here, while you are here, and let your work be done.” 

For here is before the beginning, during the dream, and after the end. Here is not there, not later, not escaping. Here is the everywhere of being one with the whole. So stay, dear one, and shine on, shine all that can be allowed, and let beauty emerge through your eyes.”