Meditation to reconnect with Peace

If we’re not able to find peace, it’s enough to employ our friend the imagination. We all have memories of a peaceful atmosphere, or a time that we felt very deeply at peace. and just remembering the feeling will invite the feeling.

To remember a feeling brings the feeling.

As the feeling comes, we allow it to expand and let’s try not to label it and say: “Here it is, this is peace.” Go further in. Let it separate into particles and refine, refine the feeling of the feeling. knowing that that which is feeling is part of the feeling. There is a kind of miracle made possible here in terms of expansion, if we let ourselves dissolve into it.

Anything or anybody or any situation or any memory or any expectation or any thought that comes forward, allow it into the atmosphere of peace and even invite it. It’s welcome, because the peace is a continuum, regardless of what is happening.

The Meditation:

1. Connect with the ID dot (30cm above the crown of the head)
2. Allow sky blue to fill the space around you and through you, letting it move or transform as it wants,
3. Connect with the earth point, 30cm into the earth directly beneath the body.
4. Move to the heart chakra (center of the chest) and use memory or invitation to connect with the feeling/experience of peace. Allow the peace to expand.
5. Any thoughts, feelings, people, emerging into your inner world can be invited into the atmosphere of peace.
6. Music.

Sky blue: the color of infinity.

Sky blue: the color of infinity.