The inclusive plane of awareness softens, accepts, blesses and blends with the miracle of phenomenon, allowing all polarity at the junction of heaven and earth and of one soul with others.

Awareness opens emotional memory, or sentient time. This is the time needed for feelings associated with human life to be processed, integrated and released back to source.

It is the carrier of unconditional love and can open ecstasy. It blows over and through space and form. It flows with rivers of life across the rifts inherent in creation.

It is the harbinger of unity, a field of existential integration into embodiment, the vehicle of empathy and the destiny of compassion. At the source of pure awareness is the observer – that which contains all phenomena unconditionally, from within and behind each particle of experience.

Through our awareness, we can open the inheritance of our qualities or talents, and behind that, reside in the stillness of being, present in the sanctity of universal love.