Emptiness: the potent healer

The challenge of physical illness and in general, confrontations with the fact of  mortality cause a rapid awakening to the miracle of the physical. We are helpless in the physical dimension. In a way, we are surrendered to it.

As it seems that every thing that happens and moves through us is for our highest benefit, then physical illness can also be seen as physical opportunity. This is not a small thing. In fact, it is at the core of creation itself and our purpose here as humans.

Our contact with our physical bodies is dependent on the clarity of our perception. Perception, as is described in I AM HERE, can be experientially divided into three dimensions: consciousness. awareness and perception through emptiness.  Carried within our consciousness, (our deliberate focus of waking attention) is the affirming power of existential peace. Moving with awareness, (the dimension of sentience or feelings and emotions), is the unifying and transforming power of existential love. Moving with perception through emptiness, is a direct existential unity with the undifferentiated source of our own physical form – that which runs through every atom, particle, molecule and living cell. Out of emptiness, we find one unifying command: LIVE.

To live is not the same as to survive in form. To live is to allow form in its existential purity. In that allowance, transformation and healing can occur within the harmony of the whole. This is the deepest healing, regardless of the agenda of physical survival, the healing movement which involves total and unconditional acceptance of what IS. When a disease is allowed, its healing transformation can begin. It is not possible to truly heal anything, if we are not allowing it to be there in the first place.

In this, perception through emptiness is a masterkey. Moving beyond temporal and spatial dimensions of fear, emptiness reconnects us directly to the aspect of who we are that can never be damaged, never be lost and that will never be condemned. To say it biblically, perception through emptiness unlocks the alchemy of the passion which brings redemption. This is a redeeming of form, whether the form be physical or non-physical, and it always arises out of  a movement of peace and love in synergy, even from beyond our consciousness and awareness.

It is tremendously hard for healers to release the agenda of healing, and to surrender to the passion which will always rebirth form in harmony with the whole. Yet this agenda, this aspect of control, rejection (of the disease), together with a belief in the concept that death is condemnation, means that in trying to help people with chronic disease, some healers lose connection and become entangled with the illusion of guilt.

As one colleague said simply: “I failed. She died”.

“The opposite of guilt is accusation. Innocence has no opposite. Innocence is always here.”

Perception through emptiness will bring us into a process in which we shed the last conceptual skins of fear around transformation. It will allow us to experience fear itself as a kind of bliss – the bliss which awakens when consciousness penetrates every surface of form, and form awakens to the transience of its own membrane.

As healers, perception through emptiness promises to bring a new depth of allegiance, an allegiance to life itself held within an intimate, ubiquitous home which is infinitely even containing life.

This is a home we share, regardless of how long we live this time.

How to help your own healing?

Release all attachment. Perception itself does this. We are not what we see, feel or experience, we are that from which all seeing, feeling and experiencing arises. Create space between all that you can see, feel or experience, and the one that is perceiving. Choose to fall back into that one – the one that is at the source of perception itself.

When you make a feeling connection with the body, remember that every cell, every atom, is operating in a harmony of beauty. Allow the sensation of this being, here, physically, unhooked from any story of disease, history, agenda, or any situation. Just this allowance of attention, will mean that attention refines into a soft blend of unconditional love and peace.

Try to allow pain or tiredness to occur as pure, unadulterated  sensation, the sensation of innocent, physical life in movement. Notice the softness of your love and the affirmation of the peace that moves with your perception. Allow yourself to penetrate the miracle of being physically here. Share this with others.

A moment of this is worth a life-time of unperceived wondering, and regardless of what the universe will bring you in the world of form, you will be free.

With love,