I AM HERE. I AM THAT. Georgi & Bart, SAND 2015, California

Georgi & Bart Session, SAND 2015, California. Abstract

We propose that experience is occurring and recorded in memory through three windows of perception, which we call consciousness, awareness and perception through emptiness.

Georgi & Bart at the SAND California event, I AM HERE, I AM THAT

Georgi & Bart at the SAND California event, I AM HERE, I AM THAT

Firstly we will address the need for precision in language in communication within nonduality and spirituality. For example, the confusion arising in the loose use of words such as consciousness, awareness, being, silence, stillness, timelessness or formlessness.

Working on the model that consciousness is the window of the mind, awareness the window of sentience, and perception through emptiness the window to physical matter, we will propose that each window opens to a dimension in and of itself, all held in “That” which pre-exists perception itself.

In this we will show a possible duality between consciousness and awareness – a twin dance between the backdrop of mind and that of sentience, between spirit and being. This duality is brought to a perceptive non-dual position only through perception through emptiness – a direct access to the quantum core of physical matter.

In addition, we will explain how the window of consciousness is predominantly time-related and as such has a direct link to impressions of timelessness and eternity. In contrast, the window of sentient awareness is space related and tends to open a sense of boundlessness and infinity.

As form is a configuration of time and space, perception through emptiness can open a process of self realization, in which all form (physical/energetic/sentient/mental) is realized by degrees as non-absolute and as issues of relative perspective. In this, a process of liberation from unconscious fears, limiting attitudes and states can begin, similar to that described by Tibetans as the Bardo State or by Jung as the collective unconscious.

A word about SAND

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