Don’t Forget the Holiness.

Perhaps the only, subtle difference between a nihilistic world view of our innermost source as non-existent and the spiritual view, is the atmosphere of holiness.

Don’t forget the holiness. The holiness of space and the sanctity of time. It’s emanated by a new born baby. Its imprint can be found in the way some children naturally relate to God.

Children don’t believe in separation. They learn to do that. Children don’t believe they have no source. They learn to forget that.

How do we repress the holiness in the emptiness and the sanctity of each particle of form?

Religion hijacked these refined areas of sentience and boxed them in with a brutality of power, control, authority, cruelty and gender separation. This all happened historically under a banner of condemnation. In reaction, having recalled our God-given innocence, we are now throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The awesome aspect of being here never gets lost. it can’t be controlled and it can’t be taken away. It just gets obscured by fear.

The suffering of transience – of death, destruction and inevitable loss of all forms – is almost too much to contain of itself. So much more, if we blind ourselves to the beauty, mystery, wonder and awe of being here.

Both suffering and beauty are the effects of transience – the passing of form.
We will anyway, inevitably suffer, so perhaps it is a matter of mercy to allow also the beauty of it all, even the beauty found within the grains of the pain itself.