Wormholes of the Soul – New Dimensions of Consciousness

Can you imagine the body as a portal to other dimensions?

Could being “here” be more awesome and mysterious than our habit-dulled mind tends to believe?

Where is here? Could here simultaneously be somewhere else?

When we look for the here, through physical sensation or mental concept, it tends to collapse into a strangeness. Here can be experienced directly as spooky action, (not at a distance).

As we are here, let’s take some time to inquire into space. Where are we now?

torusUnconscious belief structures persuade us that we reside in a space that is real as-seen, good-to-go, material, and bounded to the mechanistic laws of Newtonian physics. In this, the mind is kept small as it composes reality based on inherited ideas, identification and the struggle for individuality.

Yet modern physics is alive with questions – exploring the break-down of generations of conditioning in areas such as quantum entanglement, multiple dimensions, wormholes and the non-existence of matter.

Material particles of this material reality are now known to be 99.999999999999 percent empty. The other 0.000000000001 percent is where the rest of our present “reality” is happening – including perception, creation, past, present and future. This makes this sliver of “reality” precious stuff within the celestial form of eternity and infinity.

What are we then?

This emptiness has been described by spiritually-inclined physicists as the unified field – the deepest quantum layer of pure potentiality – the causal layer beneath all dimensions where time and space implode and explode.

Is Emptiness Abstract?

In the realm of direct experience, this unified field is not sublime, nor is it unreachable.

It’s here and now, so familiar that we can hardly allow it. In fact, the here and the now are two wormholes – one to infinity, the other to eternity. Emptiness composes over 99 percent of every experience; and is the continuum through all perception. It is the constant through all states, whether psychological, energetic, frozen, liquid or air.

In the words of Zen, this 99% is directly “under the nose”, so at one with any moment or dimension, that there is no where to move to. As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said, it is That, which is prior even to being, prior to consciousness, prior to identity.


A wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen Bridge, is a hypothetical topological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut through spacetime. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each in separate points of perspective. We often think of wormholes as some remote scientific postulate “out there” in the universe. Yet experientially, there is no reason why we shouldn’t consider the “in here” as an infinite potential of wormholes to other dimensions, and to other perspectives in spacetime.

800px-LorentzianWormhole chakrasIn terms of visual representation, there is a remarkable resemblance between a wormhole and a chakra

Whether or not the chakra system formally exists, it does seem that through the repeated movement of consciousness and awareness through these zones of the body, experience arises of a different nature: more authentic and more expansive than the normalised experience through the physical senses. This could be a result of the generation of a field or the tunnelling through time and space through the “here-now” exploration of consciousness.


President Obama checks in at Stonehenge

What seems true, is that the intense focussing of consciousness on any cell, sensation, feeling, or apparent “object” will at a certain stage have a tunnelling effect, leading to the experience of other dimensions (or deeper, less divided layers of this dimension).

The spiritual teacher Russell Williams (Not I, Not Other than I) talks of the wormhole created through repeated meetings in his small sitting room in Manchester. On visiting him in that apparently regular house, the sense of a familiar, powerful, soulful presence of a deeper dimension is indeed striking.

In a similar way, wormholes to more essential dimensions of time and space seem to have been opened in holy sites such as cathedrals, mosques, syngogues and Neolithic monuments such as Stone Henge. When we visit these places, it can be as if we (choicelessly) stand at a portal to another dimension which we can either resist (by closing down our perception), allow, or even choose to explore. These dimensions are not “other” than this one, they become revealed as existentially present within it.

What passes through a wormhole?

Within the experience of travelling into our chakras and out the back door into Nirvana-like dimensions, or in visting Stonehenge and experiencing the effect of an infinite, timeless presence through and in us, we can ask the question: what or who, is this aspect that travels?  Who or what goes through the worm hole and who or what gets left behind?

This year, science came up with a few more discoveries to shock perception out of its physical limitation.

The discovery of a particle without mass, first postulated in 1929 as the Weyl fermion, introduces a particle that can move electrical charge faster than an electron, and that simultaneous exists as matter and anti-matter. It is at once here, in a material sense, and not here, existing in negation to its perceivable form.

2AC71D3200000578-3172007-image-a-16_1437654341643This mass-less particle defies one of last laws of form – gravity, finding direction in and of itself as if containing an inner compass beyond time and space. A perfect GPS for a wormhole?

Another recent discovery is that the dividing line between the physical norms we love and know and quantum reality, doesn’t actually exist. Bells inequality theorem has been proven false, bringing quantum directly upscale to the realm of tangible.

Is Consciousness Empty?

Is consciousness empty or  is emptiness conscious?

The backdrop to our physical universe can be described as an unlimited, imperceivable, intimately interwoven part of our sense of self; the facilitator of the effects of consciousness or awareness, emerging through fundamental particles that are able to defy gravity, time and space, connecting multiple dimensions through networks of wormholes.

Sometimes, that aspect of “who we are” that passes through the worm hole has been postulated as our consciousness, liberated from identification with form.

While it seems that the potential for consciousness does pass through a wormhole (or from one dimension to another), in the wormhole, in the moment of passing through the fabric of time and space, we would seem to be unconscious. There is a perceptive “blink” (like the moment of death, deep sleep or anaesthesia) after which consciousness is able to reawaken elsewhere.

Something beyond (and at source) of consciousness is the vehicle through which consciousness can pass through time and space. As the source of unlimited potentiality, the potential for consciousness does not get excluded from the unified field. Consciousness reawakens already with the first layers of perception or sentient experience.

Again, THAT which precedes and underlies consciousness seems to be the deeper vehicle to freedom. Consciousness, even in its identification with itself as consciousness, needs to release identification in order to access the unified field. It needs to surrender itself, to leap into the dark, to release attachment to its own “seeing” or “sensing”.

The Paradox of the Unified Field


Is consciousness the unified field? A lecture from Prof. John Hagelin, SAND,

The argument is often made that awareness is the container of all experience and exists independently of all experience.

It is postulated that no experience can exist independently of awareness, therefore awareness is absolute.

If we are not aware of it, it doesn’t exist. It’s not too far from “I think, therefore I am.”

The use of rudimentary experience to define awareness is upside down. It arises from a perspective based on experience, not on freedom.

Even pure, liberated awareness is an experience, the moment it is differentiated from other kinds of experience. As experience, it is communicated as an agenda – one of the first ways we try to dictate life through using the mind to control

Experience can not be the defining factor of truth, as it is always an after-effect of something prior. For example, we bump our head, and then get the experience of pain. The pain is an after-effect of the bump, not the cause. The blowing out of the candle does not prove the draft from the window. The draft from the window is that which shows that the flame can be extinguished.

In identifying consciousness as absolute, we can come to a space that we need to pinch ourselves to know that we are “here”. Consciousness is not separable from its contents.

Out of Unknowing, Knowing arises

As the Italian philosopher Prof. Mauro Bergonzi explains, “It’s like searching for the darkness with a flash light. Everywhere you point the light, you see only light, so you conclude that darkness doesn’t exist. But sooner or later, the batteries will wear out, and the darkness will be anyway revealed.” Consciousness is an effect of the unified field, it is not of itself the ground of the inherent unity between dimensions.

In meeting with Mauro Bergonzi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj asked the philosopher how he experiences himself. “As pure awareness.” Mauro answered. Nisargadatta took special care to show him he has to fall further back, to surrender more inward, to give up even on the experience of pure awareness.

The paradox is that experience is no longer there, because awareness is eclipsed. So how can we know anything about it?

tercera dimensionIn a reversal of perceptive patterns, our information now comes from a realization of the imprints, or effects of the imperceivable through the realm of experience. The  imperceivable leaves its imprint on form.

With the re-emergence of perception, an imprint of THAT which is at the source of perception is felt, often in liberated perception, (elevated states of consciousness or awareness) vitalized experience, and the amplification of energetic patterns where we are still entangled.

All experience is the effect of something beyond experience, beyond perception, beyond the perceivable. In the same way, all knowing is an effect of surrender into the unknown. We cannot know something that is already known. It is always a function of surrender to mystery.

That which is prior to consciousness is that on which consciousness entirely depends. It is beyond reflection, before the mirror. The moment it sees itself, it becomes conscious. It’s reflection is already an imprint, a shadow of source.

The imperceivable contains the potential for consciousness, but it’s not defined by consciousness, it so much more than that. Consciousness is just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg of existence. The imperceivable is at the source of our consciousness, beyond the parameters of time and the boundaries of space. It never moves. It’s not a dead end, although our minds freeze it with fear-based beliefs around death. When its uncovered it’s not stranger. It excludes nothing. We anyway all come there micro-second by micro-second, now and at the hour of our physical death. It is our original state, but it’s not a state. It is the source of all states.

1465355_4877579356775_1182457031_nWhen experience is realized as effect and not cause; experience itself transforms. The senses become free and less entangled; the body becomes realized as a fluid miracle; and the entity that passes through dimensions emerges as not passing at all, but as perfectly still, as other dimensions pass through it.

Wherever we travel, we are always here. We are not going anywhere, ever. Even though multiple dimensions, impressions and experiences may pass through us.

The surrender of consciousness, now and at the hour of our death, is the collapse inwards to the core of who we are. It is the precise movement that allows transformation and the unveiling of parallel dimensions.

It is at source as the indestructible, unified, omnipresent source of all. As the originating source of perception, it liberates consciousness itself.

Sri Nisargadatta predicted that his teachings would be validated by science. Month by month, this is happening. What remains is for we humans to validate the wonders of quantum science by allowing them into the flow of all we are.