I Am Here: The Intimate Science of Perception and Spirituality – Georgi

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.”
Perception – the creative power of our universe.

– Max Plank

At the core of the physical dimension is a resonance – vibration, This reverberation can only occur as a pulse through the emptiness. Emptiness is the all pervading backdrop to sound which allows differentiation into speed, frequency, pitch.

This is all well and good for the scientists – but what does it mean in terms of how we experience ourselves to be? What are the implications for us in manifesting ourselves as humanity? How do these vibrations affect us in mind, heart and body? And who is the one making the noise?

In his later years, one of the greatest humanists and spiritual teachers of our time, J. Krishnamurti clearly pointed out that:

“Perception is the way of truth… If you actually perceive the narrowness of the spirit, the increasing slavery of the mind, then you will find that out of perception comes energy; and it is this energy born of perception that is going to shatter the petty mind, the respectable mind, the mind that goes to the temple, the mind that is afraid.”


Perception is the energy – the vibration – which is creating our world. Perception is the key to our ability to take responsibility for our direction. So what is perception, and how can it be liberated

Awakening liberates the defining restraint of memory. We awaken to that which never changes.


I (Consciousness)

Consciousness is energy. A shift in our consciousness, or more precisely, the liberation, realization and expansion of our consciousness can literally have an impact on our physical world.

What is being referred to is not a change in what we think, or even an evolution of how we think, but a liberation from thinking processes altogether – in such a way that a new freedom emerges to engage and disengage with thoughts according to need or passion.

This is the tremendous empowerment we feel associated with the awakening of consciousness. Very good, yet consciousness is only one form of perception. What happens when we are unconscious, or dead? What is happening when we fall asleep at night?

What about the “unconscious” (a convenient classification which dumps whole dimensions of human into the vast “not-conscious”?) What is awareness – and why does it exist as a separate word which we can intuitively feel differs from consciousness?  Could it be that through mistranslation and Western bias, we took the ancient Indian word for “perception” and made it exclusively “consciousness”?


AM (Awareness)

Enlightenment relates to the liberation of feelings and states, revealing the infinite light of pure being.

What then, is awareness? What about feeling? Is there a difference between who we think we are and how we feel ourselves to be? How is our felt experience also shaping the world?

This awareness or feeling of the atmosphere of “you-ness”, of love, and forms of feeling, emotion and of states of being would seem to be operating at a causal layer beyond thought and beneath consciousness.

It is affecting our direction through fundamental laws of attraction.

There is an intricate relationship between how we feel ourselves as human and what we think, make strategies and create. So much so, that if our awareness is caught in in a state of depression, it could birth a powerful mental formulation which will in turn limit our consciousness. This limited consciousness will in turn repress our awareness, leading to deeper depression. This means that the liberation of consciousness will not hold, without a willingness to also free our awareness.

All the existential energy available to us as human beings could be blocked at the level of awareness through our subtle agenda to avoid the feeling of suffering, through which we become entangled and confused with form and undergo narrowing of perception. And as Krishnamurti pointed out, a clouding of perception leads to less energy, less empowerment, less life force.

Perception through awareness is connected with opening the eyes of the heart (which have no story and no agenda) and the ears of the heart – which is all about allowing a flow of vibrations. It is the movement from playing the music, to letting the music play us. In this, the vibrations of form no longer define the one who is receiving; the one that is able to feel; the one which is able to “let it be”.

We are never that which we are perceiving – we are the one that is able to perceive. We are never the feeling, we are the one that is able to feel. We are even infinitely behind the feeling of feeling, of feeling.

Yet if consciousness itself is not an end-point, but a window, one which is in a causal duality or dance with awareness; if the chicken-and-egg spiral between head and heart is to find unity; then we must look for a third means of perception – where consciousness and awareness, love and peace, are one.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
― C.G. Jung

HERE (Emptiness)

Perception through emptiness opens self-realization – the liberation from all illusions of self as non-absolute. All that can be seen or felt, it is not who you are. You are the one who is able to see or feel.

This third window is found through perception through emptiness – a perceptive window recognizable from the Tibetan Buddhists. Perception through emptiness is occurring within the naked reality of physical matter: through our bones, our blood, our emotions and through every passing thought.

Perception through emptiness sees and feels through a process of realization. This realization moves with an increasing clarity and empowerment within the experiential proofs that whatever is occurring in time is transient, and that whatever is held in space is transforming.

This allows a loosening of form as absolute, and introduces ourselves as the source of all creation. This layer of perception (emptiness) is that which allows both consciousness and awareness to be. It is that which allows all energy to expand or fixate. It is that which allows all form – a master-key to liberation from fear, transformation and human empowerment. Emptiness is not a dead thing – it is filled with everything that ever was, is and will be. Found intimately close to home, it is that from which all creation emerges and into which it dissolves.

Emptiness is not empty of anything accept of division. It is empty of separate existence. Through the allowance of perception through emptiness – there is the promise to become masters of the pure, physical, miraculous, transient, transforming phenomena of humanity. This process of realization is happening by virtue of the core of us – that which is not transient, not transforming. We can become that from which the vibration of all matter is arising.


I AM HERE – Existential Empowerment

It is irrepressible.

There is that which exists in total freedom within time and space, and which is utterly unaffected by creation.

That one, is at the core of the energy running through all windows of perception. This is the infinite and eternal energy source of who we are individually and who we are as one humanity.

As the universe exponentially expands from its core of “dark” energy, it seems this benevolent and ubiquitous emptiness is a master key for the evolution of human responsibility in the coming generation.

By Georgi Y. Johnson