Exit Inside. TheAngelcy Series

In the confusion, discord and irrationality of human dynamics in this era, where do we find peace? What layers do we have to move through to fly back into the freedom through which we were born?

In this first part of TheAngelcy Series, we draw inspiration from the new generation (our teachers) to share the universal, living wisdom that is so often expressed directly through contemporary artists and musicians.

TheAngelcy is a relatively unknown Israeli band that give voice to an entirely unreported undercurrent of feeling and awakening here in the Middle East.

“I ain’t ashamed to be who I am,
I’m tired of shame.”

The age of shame is indeed passing. This shame, encapsulated by the story of Genesis where the Tree of Knowledge (or self-consciousness) launches Adam into shame before God (his own source), depends in its entirety on the belief in separation.

Man is believed separate from woman; human is separate from God, or source; individuals are believed to be separate from humanity; and humanity itself is conceived as separate from nature, the planet and the physical dimension. It is this illusion of separation that Nonduality seeks to unveil, by reality checking it on every level.

Shame is an effect of consciousness of separate form. It burns in the pelvis and the chest area. It’s a sticky energy that will not transform unless it is allowed to be felt, and through feeling to return to source purity.

Shame dances with disgust (the same energy, uncontainable inside, is thrown at the “other”). When you meet someone who has an attitude of disgust, you can be sure you are also meeting some deep personal shame around some aspect of manifestation.

Many addicts are afflicted by the shame-disgust twin flames, spiralling through cycles of inner-outer projections that get worse, as the addictive substance increases the shame, and disgust at background family, therapists, and social norms fuels behaviours that create more shame.

The restoration of the nondual aspect of purity is critical. Purity is here and now, unconditional. Purity is not lost at birth, with Eve’s eating of the forbidden apple, or any other happening.

We are born in purity, and irrespective of all the contractions of shame and disgust, the purity is still here. We remain inherently pure, no matter how much obscurity storms around and within us.  In the end of our physical lives, we return to purity. Purity is entirely unaffected by events. The loss of our connection with purity is the key reason we get caught in these destructive dramas and story-building episodes in the toxic game between shame and disgust. Both shame and disgust seek purity. Yet the purity is always here, if we only allow it.

When we can connect to our sense of shame or disgust from a deeper inner core of purity, it dissipates by degrees of sentient time.

What staying power does shame have when it opens up to the wild, chaotic, unconditional love of which it is composed?

Don’t you know you cannot fall?
for life itself is a falling object

In this song, TheAngelcy reveals a powerful level of awakening, showing the evolution of thought (finally) according to scientific understanding.

Is life a falling object? As we are alive, we are not separate from life. If life itself is falling (or creation is in perpetual unfolding) then how can we personally and separately “fall”? If the planet is falling through infinite space, how can we be falling, separately, on the planet?

Of course, the biblical reference to the Fall from grace is again striking. This one life antidotes the unconscious belief in some kind of primordial condemnation of human – the embedded agenda that we have to do better or fix something broken – and our constant failure and repeated self-condemnation in this agenda. We act as if we are in constant danger of falling, yet we cannot fall. Our very falling is arriving in life.

Also, the lyrics evoke falling in love -that feeling of deepening incarnation as the energy moves from the head to the heart, and on to the cells of the body. This kind of falling – in love – is a beautiful alternative  story of creation or life running within physical form. And again, the falling is illusory. When we experience falling into an endless space or emptiness, are we falling or is the stuff around us ascending?

Gravity is still one of the greatest mysteries of the physical dimension. Some scientists have even suggested that we are not pulled towards the earth, but pushed down by space expanding.

The meditational experience of gravity – blending and releasing with the effects of gravity) – can rapidly lead us from the local, identified perspective of being here, to many ‘heres’ or dimensions, or even to the ‘here’ which runs through and between all dimensions.

Exit inside
when life itself is a dying moment.

Of course, there is no exit outside. We can go places, but we are always here. We can buy stuff, but it falls into an insatiable pit of longing. We can try to possess others, but there is no escape in it, just a great contraction in a temporal space of trying to possess the unpossessable. The only answers, fulfilment, happiness and peace will be found inside – not in armies or nations, not in religion or tribal identity, but deep within, beyond the many layers of form. The exit is inside. It makes sense. We won’t find the exit far away from the house. It has to be part of the house.

We can run from our death, but the only real liberation from the belief structures in life ‘stories’, and in beginnings and endings, can come through the courage to enter through the door inside. This door leads to a source of ourselves that quietly watches all beginnings and endings, births and deaths. It is here irrespective of time. It makes sense. We won’t find the exit is never separate from the house. It has to be inside.

Having expanded the “Here” into the universal, the lyrics deepen the examination of Life – as one dying moment.

Seen inclusively with all layers of time – including physical time (the purest manifestation of time) – life is indeed a dying moment. One moment of Now, entirely relative, which passes in a Now. In this space of now a body grows and decays.

The genius of this line – expressing both the absolute and transient nature of creation – is already resonating among the awakened generation emerging around us.

The beauty of the lyrics continues and we will go more into these themes with other TheAngelcy songs in coming posts, so in the meantime,

“Wish me love my beautiful fucked up family,
Wish me love all you strange people,
I wanna wish you love.”



Exit Inside (Lyrics)


I ain’t ashamed to be who I am,
I’m tired of shame.
Don’t you know you cannot fall?
for life itself is a falling object,
so be wrong,
follow the mistaken,
for life is falling through space of chaotic love.
I’m tired of being tired of.

You’re running ‘round and ‘round and ‘round
and where you gonna run to, where you gonna hide
when the exit is inside?

Exit inside
when life itself is a dying moment.

Yes, I am holy,
and yes, I am horny,
my spirit is turned on,
so wish me love,
I wish you love,
I’m tired of being tired of.

Wish me love my beautiful fucked up family,
Wish me love all you strange people,
I wanna wish you love.

Yes, I am lonely,
and yes, I am lovely,
I’m your long lost brother and I am here,
so let me reflect in your hearts,
I wanna take all of you in my arms
and wish you love.