Anxiety, Awakening, Nonduality & the Dark Night of the Soul. Conscious TV with Bart & Georgi

Georgi Y Johnson and Bart Ten Berge ‘ Anxiety And Awakening’
In this interview Georgi Y Johnson, Author of “I AM HERE” and her Partner Bart Ten Berge, Author of “THE GIFT” 7 STEPS to a Happy and Fulfilled Life”, discuss the meaning of anxiety and depression in the process of Awakening. Fear is a natural part of physical life but we need to unhook our fears as the authority on our thoughts, feelings and choices.
The way to do this is not to repress fear but give it space. Liberated fear is alive and appropriate to the moment. For many, severe Anxiety or Panic attacks can be the turning point in finding themselves. Georgi is telling us her own story of a period of Deep Depression, Panic Attacks and Anxiety; looking for help she met Bart who is a Healer and the co-founder of the International School of Spiritual Psychology (ISSP) based in Holland.

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Structures of self, according to nondual therapy. In a spiritual emergency, the pressure fron the inside-out becomes to great, so identity cracks open, causing a flood of consciousness – ecstasy, revelation and often a dark night of the soul prior to reintegration.