The Nondual Power of Purity

As a nondual position, purity cannot be grasped, defined, kept, won or lost.

Imagine a purity which is always here, at the source of all you are. It has always been here, and it can never be taken away. Each and every manifestation of yourself utterly depends on this purity. You breath it  with the oxygen and you breath it out with every out-breath.

It is pure because it is in simplicity, all that it is, and it is as it is.

The partner of shame is disgust.

Purity has no opposite.

In purity, disgust and shame are one.

Stillness of the Wind


This purity is not separate from you, nor is it separable from you. It is an inextricable part of all that you are, all that you have been and all you ever will be. It is the light within your sight; the silence within your thought and the stillness within every movement.

Through your sexuality, this purity is the channel to new physical life, the purity of touch and the purity of a new born child. As such, your sexuality flows through purity and in purity each conception occurs.

Within every feeling, every thought, every moment and every situation, purity is the backdrop. This purity has not changed since you took your first breath in this world, and it will be an inextricable part of the last exhalation. Out of purity, you emerged, in purity you are held, and to purity you will return. Through every happening of emotion and feeling, the purity never left.

All that you have done, all that has been tasted and experienced, all that has been said about you or done to you, all that has been repressed or forgotten and all that has been allowed, none of this is separable from the purity that is always here as the fundamental backdrop to all experience, as an inextricable part of consciousness itself.

This purity is indivisible. No amount of shame suffered in your name, or disgust endured towards the ‘other’ can divide this purity from itself. It is not yours to claim or to keep, yet you will never ever lose it. It is as pure as a sun burning and shining its light though an infinite universe.

It is the purity in the gaze of a new born child. It is as pure as the hand of an old man on his death bed. It is the purity of animals and of trees, the purity of the infinite sky and the purity of the night. It can be noted in the moment between each thought, or in the space between, before and behind every feeling. We couldn’t free ourselves of this purity even if we spent millennia condemning ourselves.

In purity we are one, and through purity we belong: also to ourselves. Shame and disgust both crave this purity. Their agenda is purity. They seek it out. The whole energetic contraction of shame is composed of purity that was severed, rejected and thrown back into separate form in a kind of existential shock. When the contraction of shame and/or disgust is fed the energy of purity, the purity within the contraction begins to sing and return to source. The more it de-freezes into unconditional purity, the less the cement of separation hold between one individual and the whole. Bringing the existential energy of purity towards the energy of shame and disgust is a high-note of healing, from the core of the mother wound, out into a purification of consciousness on all levels.