Allowing the Beloved – Israel with Bart & Georgi – June 2-4th 2016

“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly – not one.”

images3 Days of Inspiration and Nonduality moving through the and beyond the polarity of male and female with Bart ten Berge and Georgi Y. Johnson.

  • Sampling the ingenuity of That which is the source of consciousness and of all experience. 
  • Opening the doors of the heart.
  • Allowing the surrender of mind to the heart and of consciousness to loving awareness.
  • Moving into the realization of unity through release into the one field of pure awareness.

Herzl 26, Zichron Yakov, Israel
Details: SMS 052 4297196

Cost for three days: 1350 NIS.
A vegetarian lunch is served, as well as refreshments throughout the day.