Qualities of Consciousness, Awareness, Emptiness (Chart)

Turn within. Keep moving until you find a space where you can manifest peace, love, or unity. Be that. Live it.

Summary You can use the following summary of the Window of Perception for clarification and as a reference and support for understanding the words chosen to define that which will ultimately always defy definition. You can also consult the Glossary of Terms to look up individual words from inner growth and the what we mean when we use them.


Linguistic presence: I

Trace: Unique individuality

Active seed: The Witness

Energetic point of initiation: Centre of the head

Spiritual outcome of development: Awakening

Aspect of Process: Cognition

Process Container: The Unknowable

Human gift: Free will

Soul connection: PEACE

Active: Penetration

Receptive: Absorbing

Still: Silence

1st Polarity: Male

Vibration: White/Silver

Element: Light

Sense: Sight

Human experience (Aspect of Form): Bliss

Heart level: Wisdom

Examples of attributes: Peacefulness, authority, charisma, protection, power, respect, creativity, responsiveness, mediation.

Examples of afflictions: Abuse, war, psychopathy, domination, repression, rigidity, destruction, jealousy, control, terror, fear. ] [/toggle]


Linguistic presence: AM

Trace: Talents, qualities

Active seed: The Observer

Energetic point of initiation: Centre of the heart chakra or chest, inside the spine

Spiritual outcome of development: Enlightenment

Active: Healing

Receptive: Acceptance

Still: Pure Being

Aspect of Process: Sentience

Process Container: The Unrevealed

Human gift: Integration, healing

Soul connection: LOVE

Polarity: Male-Female, heaven-earth

Vibration: Yellow/Gold

Element: Water

Sense: Sound, vibration

Human experience: Ecstasy

Heart level: Compassion

Examples of attributes: Happiness, kindness, sensitivity, empathy, softness, inclusiveness, acceptance, expansion.

Examples of afflictions: Depression, grief, abandonment, betrayal, loneliness, rejection, helplessness, despair.[/toggle]


Perception through Emptiness

Linguistic presence: HERE

Trace: Strength

Active seed: Will, intention

Energetic point of initiation: Centre of the tailbone (coccyx)

Spiritual outcome of development: Liberation

Active: Realization

Receptive: Release

Still: Eternity

Aspect of Process: Existence

Process Container: The Imperceivable

Human gift: Perspective

Soul connection: UNITY

Vibration: Red/Copper

Polarity: Female

Element: Matter

Sense: Touch

Human experience: Passion

Heart level: Empathy

Examples of attributes: Freedom, intimacy, clarity, integrity, authenticity, purity, hope, allowance.

Examples of afflictions: Negativity, cynicism, senselessness, bitterness, mistrust, narcissism, addiction, possessiveness, obsession,