8 Good Things About Trump at the Top

In calling the bluff on Washington, Trump effectively said: ‘The King is Naked’. Can we begin to truly see that the despot that has been deciding the future of our planet is indeed naked? As global hope falls and Obama Care has the plugs pulled, the website of the Canadian immigration authorities has crashed and CNN is talking about the biggest political upheaval of the century. While David Attenborough has suggested shooting Donald Trump as a compassionate option, here are some advantages we could find in having a Trump at the top.

“Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.”
J.K. Rowling of Donald J.Trump.”
1. We Get a Wake-Up Call: If by now it wasn’t clear that the world is run by insane people for insane agendas, now we’re going to be getting a daily reminder. This is a chance to see clearly through the hypnotic trance of media control and social coercion in which we are being led by a head-less beast of greed and self-interest, driven by short-term commercial incentives.
2 Walking the Talk: This is for real. Not only humanity, but also the planet needs us to walk the talk. If we don’t embody respect, compassion and wisdom in our daily lives, daily life threatens to become a daily beast. Spirituality is not a fashion, it’s a global responsibility. This is our chance to put our notions in our feet and to walk the talk.
3. Braving Up: Under the umbrella of what appeared to be a safe democracy, we snoozed into feeling that somehow, in some way, we’re protected by an outside authority. Uncle Sam will take care of us. This actually stopped us from moving through the base-lines of the fears that block our freedom. It’s easy to ‘be against’ the rape of the rain forests and the ravaging of our plant for the last remaining drops of oil, while still driving a big petrol-guzzling car. The battle of care has now come closer to home.
4. The Chance to Rehearse Integrity: If Trump supporters and part of the US police force begin acting out the ethics shown in the campaign, there could well come a time when you witness a racial or sexual assault – if not against yourself, then towards another. What do you do? What’s the wisest, most effective way to respond? Now is the time to contemplate correct action.
5. We Get a Scapegoat: On the dark side of the spiritual line. We’ve now got an object to blame for everything that’s wrong and toxic in our environment. Yes, it’s a cheap one, and blaming others won’t get us far, but at least evil has a face. How holy we can feel ourselves to be, when there is a Trump at the top. Also, Trump stress is generating a new league of humor. Thanks to the Trump phenomena, we’re slowly learning to laugh again.
6. Corporate America has a Face: The ‘evil’ we previously felt was driving the logic of war and suffering in our world now has a human form. Greed, selfishness, narcissism, abuse, opportunism and general ugly sleeziness now has a face. Trump will expose how the wheel turns, clog by clog. His vanity will demand it and stupidity combined with temperament means we’re going to get a clear view into the workings of hell.
7. The World Still Turns: Countries that felt the sporadic intervention of the US in their affairs for reasons that have not been always humanitarian can begin again to feel their independence. Trump will be too busy with local power conflicts in his own country to mess with others. He is also too stupid to either dream up or implement a plan for the planet. A disenfranchised world watched their future decided by American voters. Now, perhaps, America will need the world to fan the flames of freedom through its own people.
8. The White-lash and Wisdom: It has been said that Trump is a reaction to Obama. That means that for sure we can expect a reaction to Trump. This is a mobilizer for change, at a deeper level beneath the conscious minds of Trump’s voters. Disenchantment is inevitable and right there, in that space where beliefs collapse, we have a chance to tap into and express the deeper wisdom around what’s needed for our shared, collective future. In this, the consistent realization will be that what’s needed is a change in education. Trump and his family seem to be victims of trauma. They are emanating the fear and threat of the divided self. Can we dis-invest from the trauma they privately embody and invest in the compassion that can transform all trauma into freedom for the sake of all our children?