Inside-Out: Individual Freedom within Unity, Holland, Feb 3-5, 2017


Individual Freedom within Unity

With Bart ten Berge & Georgi Y. Johnson

ISSP, Biotoop, Haren, Netherlands,

Feb 3-4-5, 2017

a 3-Day gathering to become aware of the perpetual flow between the personal and the whole. Introducing techniques of titration (slowing time, expanding space), to relax the contraction between ‘inner’ self and the ‘outer’ world.

Allowing our awareness to touch the energetic border between ourselves and others. Through contacting the energy sources of contraction, a natural quickening opens greater flexibility and fluidity between us and the world around.

This by itself, builds a greater trust in the spontaneous freedom of manifestation which is possible beyond all pre-held formulation.

Working with:

  • Belief Structures
  • Social Fluidity
  • Personal Inheritance [ Epigenetics ]
  • Real Time Energetic Contraction
  • Non-Dual Consolidation

To find out more:

Data                : 3, 4 en 5-2-2017

Tijd                 : Van 10.00- tot 18.00 uur.

Plaats             : Kerklaan 30 te Haren (Gn)

Prijs                : € 350,-

Betaling          : Van tevoren op rekeningnr. NL49ABNA042.90.42.221.

Inschrijving    : Via e-mail adres: