SEASON OF JOY. Meditation to Open the Inner Light


1. Connect with the physical body, the skeleton and the bones, and bless/affirm/sanctify the reality of physical form

2. Connect with the sentient body (feeling/awareness), and bless/affirm/sanctify the any arising feelings/emotions/sentience/experience/

3. Connect with the mental body (the mind/thoughts/silence) and bless/affirm sanctify any thought processes arising.


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Symbolically “light up” the 7 chakras.

1. Begin with the heart chakra

2. Return to a choice center point (of perception or the earth)

3. Light the Thyroid chakra

4. Return to center

5. Light the Solarplexus chakra

6. Return to center

7. Light the Pineal chakra

8. Return to center

9. Light the Hara (Sacral) chakra

10. Return to Center

11.Light the Crown Chakra

12.Return to Center

13. Light the root chakra.