Let Go of the Rudder

By Kerry Craig

I am finding myself spending a lot of time visiting this site in the short time I found it.

The past couple of years my mind has been set a whirl as I see so many diverse disciplines and human events coalescing and converging to some invisible point of resolution.

It’s gotten to the point that I’m starting to take notes to sort out and list these occurrences as there seem to be so much interlinking at this moment in time…

Did I say TIME? Chronological time was enough to handle, but now I also have this spatial, ethereal time to contend with… separate, yet they are inextricable from one another. It’s like a whirling Category 5 hurricane of Science and spirituality… chaotic on the outside yet inside is the eye of calm… and it is beginning to focus my own eye on the perfect Truths at its core.

I won’t even get into the way this has been manifesting itself to me personally and directly. like I’m being sent coded messages… and to ME!

I have NEVER been religious… Landing somewhere between agnostic and atheism…

Decades ago when I was 20 years old, I decided I would be better off going it all on my own.. ¬†but I wanted to have a plan. I made some promises to myself to guide me, so when faced with dilemmas, my guiding principles would give me direction… and now that I look back, I am amazed at how those promises were a perfect match for The Guiding principles of spirituality.

Back then, you couldn’t even say spirituality without being thought of as a blasphemer or some kind of snake oil salesman.

I look back now in amazement when I started to piece it all together and realize how the right events what happen at the right time, or the right people would show up in my life to advance my dreams.

I still see it.

I am convinced the same thing that guided me then is guiding me more directly and openly today.

Is it quantum mechanics, superstring theory, morphic resonance, the law of attraction? Is it this sea of electromagnetic energy and its connectivity we are all swimming about in?

I think this site may be the best place I have found to examine those questions. As if you have shown up exactly on time.

I have let go of the rudder. Well, At least I am holding it very loosely and trusting the current more and more. It has taken me here and I have a feeling my chronological time will be well spent examining the riches you contain.

I have already seen it happening.