The Big Freeze, Depression & Nondual Healing – Bart ten Berge

When we feel hopeless and vulnerable in an environment where we lack feeling connection, there is a risk of moving into depression. Depression is the freezing of feelings – good and bad – and this isolates us still further. Here, spiritual psychologist Bart ten Berge tells how it works and how important it is to feel the living feelings, in order to allow the vitality and power of life to move through the system.

In Nondual Healing, we treat depression as the energetic freeze around the “Dark Night of the Soul”, When there is a persistent refusal to address core contractions and trauma out of fear of falling into existential despair, the freeze spreads outwards, desentizing parts of personality and building rigid, isolating and defensive structures of ego.

As there is no free flow of energy, either from the inner core outwards into expression, or from the outside inward (due to protective shields of ego and personality structure), the condition can become chronic.

Most of us carry patches and layers of depression within ourselves – often manifesting as boredom, annoyance, loneliness and decrease in feeling connection. Healing involves the investment of consciousness in nondual aspects that allows connections to reform between inner and outer light (see below).