Let the Music Play – Dancing Through Duality

The creation of all we could ever experience, all we could ever think, all we could ever dream, depends on the splitting of the one source into two. The birth of our world(s) can be seen through the lenses of the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions. We are here as a punishment, we fell from grace; Life is something to be endured or survived; we are inherently failing as part of the universe; life is good; life is a miracle; life is a curse; life is beauty. These are the kind of somatic beliefs that filter and create our perception of reality.

The core split in creation between subject and object; between the one that ‘sees’ and that which is ‘seen’ is full of clarity, and not colored by judgement or the aversion to pain. Yet the arch of suffering emerges in that very split that allows us all to be. In suffering we seek to cling to what we perceive as the cure, while missing the evidence that for two to emerge out of one, the one must always be here. The one is before the two, within the two and an inextricable part of the two.

So it is with peace. Each decision, each inner fight or emotional struggle, is made of and exists through the one peace. For example in the conflict between success and failure, the peace which is beyond every conflict prevails. The learning that is behind every success and failure continues as a nondual position. When we rest in that learning, the one peace beyond conflict also infuses the field. We begin to understand that failure is the key element of success and that every success if made of failure. They inter-depend.

When we allow the one seer at the source of all we are, we begin to dance in duality, without ever having been divided. What looks like suffering, can then be experienced as the very soil out of which we flower. We wish you freedom in this dance of dualities, purity in the music and bliss in each reborn moment.

We are here for this.

“The partner of war is surrender. Peace has not opposite. In Peace, surrender and war are one.”