Imagine a Freedom Beyond Imagination

For millennia, across the planet an elixir of physical evolution has been breaking in slow motion out of the shell of its own, tender incubation. Evolution is happening. It’s creation in slow motion, from generation to generation, in which the human species is the most physical of all forms.

The human is the most physical, as it is the most embodied. Rather than forgiven, natural telepathy, we developed language through which to communicate. In the place of instinctive knowing, the subtle biology of the brain processes a slower vibration we call knowledge. Rather than the purity of attraction, we witness the physical forms of imagination and mental agenda. In place of the purity of belonging within the circle of life, we developed the fear of survival, the fear of rejection, of death, insanity, sexuality and illness.

Physical creation is taking form through the dense matter of our neural networks – and it takes time.

The notion that we are in evolution through which we – the human animal – are learning to make the paradigm shift from fear to love is not a new one. Countless individuals – the bright, navigational stars of our era – have reiterated this fundamental message: the evolution is from fear to love, from the suffering of separation to the wholeness of the heart. The message is embedded in the notebooks of our greatest scientists; it’s repeated through the soul cry of our poets and in the lyrics of our musicians. It’s in the classics of literature and in all the holy texts. The mind must cease the survivalist strategies of fear, and surrender itself to the expansive neural networks of love. The conditioned mind must surrender: it must be baptized in the ocean of the heart.

Yet love is not an intoxicant that can be drunk at will. It can’t be water-cannoned on the crowds or used to control the species. It’s not a sympathy-plea trumpeting the secret agenda to survive the sword of judgement. It’s not a thing we can create or a thing we can possess. It’s not the magic potion that brings us our life partner, our wealth and our fundamental right to belong. It won’t do any of that, as humans are born to be servants to love. Love is not a creation of the mind to be of service to humans. These movements of control are not about love but about the same old fears in a myriad of new disguises.

The deeper secrets of love are found in the invincible, relentless and ever present domains of freedom out of which love arises, in and of itself. Where the open connection to inner freedom is lost, love degenerates into separation between lovers and a self that believes itself separate yet suffers the perpetual fear and pain of separation. In this, the deeper, immutable evolution is not from fear to love, but from fear to freedom.

Imagine a freedom that has always been here, that is here now, and that will always be here.

Begin to develop an allowance of that sense of freedom that can die and be reborn, change, suffer, enjoy and celebrate the spiral of life and evolution.

Imagine a freedom through which there is no question about belonging as part of a whole, through which every moment of every thought, every action and every inaction is always, already forgiven.

Imagine a freedom where our personality, our ego, our longings, our grief and our failure or success are all equally precious as expressions of an inevitable evolution.

Imagine an individual freedom where mob psychology no longer gives us form, where insult is irrelevant and where healing is a joy beyond mental description. Imagine a freedom through which we can serve the whole in perpetual expansion simple by allowing everything and anything to move through us without consequence.

Imagine a freedom where we can surrender the sense organs, including the brain into pure opening of a channel of receptivity – listening, smelling, touching, tasting, seeing and organically receiving all the impressions of life in her glorious, creative explosion in slow motion.

Imagine a freedom in which we can rest all of ourselves, whenever we need and whenever we choose, and that nurtures us in our melting in his arms with endless peace, infinite resource and perpetual rejuvenation.

This is not a fantasy. This freedom is here, as you, right now. The only condition it carries is that no-one can take it away The only descriptor is that it can never be damaged. The only requirement is to be fearless enough to allow it – even into the core of our most hidden fears.

Creation is a destructive process. As physically, we evolve from fear to freedom, it becomes apparent that the freedom has always been here, as us, and all that was needed was for the fear to evaporate – out of its myriad, imaginary forms – back into this.