Fulfillment that Fulfills itself. A Nondual Elixir for Loss and Gain.

The partner of gain is loss.

Fulfilment has no opposite.

In fulfilment, loss and gain are one.

One morning, I was walking through a park with the children, and I noticed a new quality in the inner world. In the place of stress, there was a deep, wordless knowing. In the place of the forsaken, there was a sense of direction. In a flash, I realized that I didn’t know where I was going on this journey, and that it didn’t even matter. In the next moment, the thought came: “I don’t know when I’m going to die, and I even don’t care.” The burdens just dropped off like rucksacks of artillery I had been carrying for decades, in the search for an invisible enemy. I had been everybody, trying to save the world, I had been nobody in the dark contraction of depression, and now I was utterly fulfilled as any old somebody.

This: being the right person at the right place at the right time, this was a paradigm shift that would transform the forms this physical life through all dimensions. It is an unconditional feeling of fulfilment: it asks nothing of the future or the past. It lacks nothing and expands in wonder through the mysteries of the present moment. Everything, everyone, everywhere is unconditionally fulfilled. It is a feeling of great peace which includes a reunion with an inner source of happiness. It feels incredible easy. There is no stress in it.

Is it possible to feel fulfilled in every moment and through everything in any space? Could we experience the everything in the nothing and the nothing in the everything and rest in the fulfilment of that miraculous where of the something, where everything and nothing are one? #

There are the famous lines from William Blake talk about seeing the world in a grain of sand and infinity in a wild flower. Couldn’t it be the case that everything we need for fulfilment is here, right now? What would be the shift in consciousness required to allow that if not a deepening towards an unconditional space beyond the contraction of gain and loss?

While loss is a big happening in the form of physical life, especially from the perspective of the loser, it is also the closing of a cycle of form. When form closes its cycle, a great feeling of peace can descend. In peace, we release, or perhaps when we release, there is peace. There is no bypass to this, which is why grief processes are so important in honouring the cycle of form. The same resolution in peace is found when karmic lessons are done, life-times are closed, and when babies are born.

Every arrival is a fulfilment, as is every departure. Above all, it is a fulfilment of need. All contractions, when we listen to them, will tell us exactly what they need at any given moment. In fulfilling the need, we experience fulfilment. Fulfilment endlessly fulfils itself.

Fulfilment tends to get denied by general conditioning. There is a belief that if this is “enough”, then there won’t be any left for later. Progress will stop. We’ll lose our drive, our ambition, our purpose. This is untrue. Fulfilment is the start point and the arrival point. It is the purpose. It is the drive. It is the well-spring out of which everything can take form and everything can be released. It is the perpetual fountain of essential offering.

For this reason, it is important to realize fulfilment as a nondual position. We are the need and we are the fulfilment of that need. It is happening with every moment of consciousness. It is perfect in its process. Our lack is already fulfilled. Our gain is already fulfilled. Our misconceptions are already forgiven. We are that space of completion to which nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away. At source, we this purely aware space that runs through all things and through which all things come to life. Fulfilled, in and of itself.

Relaxation into the feeling of fulfilment releases the whip of agenda created by multiple contractions. Every nondual position is already fulfilled. It doesn’t depend on us to make it good.  What does fulfilment feel like? When we source the feeling, we can notice how we expand through a space that was already here. How peaceful it is. How content. How unconditional to need. In this space, the we are losers and winners, perfectly imperfect, beautifully flawed and ecstatically wounded. Nothing need be altered, and no ‘thing’ stays the same.

Extracted from Georgi’s upcoming book: Stillness of the Wind: an exploration of Nondual Healing.

“Do not say that I’ll depart tomorrow because even today I still arrive.”

Thich Nhat Hanh