The True Nature of Time, Bart & Georgi: Oct. 6-8th, 2017, Netherlands

Friday October 6th – Sunday October 8th, 2017

ISSP, Biotoop, Kerklaan 30, Haren, Netherlands

Facilitators: Bart ten Berge & Georgi Y. Johnson

Form does not differ from the Now

And the Now does not differ from Form.

Form is the Now and the Now is Form.

A 3-day gathering to liberate the wonder of time, working with the fundamental nondual quality of the Now.


  • Opening freedom to move through time-lines
  • Liberation of contractions of memory and imagination
  • Experience as Vortex
  • Titration and Pendulation through time anchors
  • Consolidation in the felt-sense of eternity

To find out more:

Tijd                 : Van 10.00- tot 18.00 uur.

Plaats             : Kerklaan 30 te Haren (Gn)

Prijs                : € 350,-

Betaling          : Van tevoren op rekeningnr. NL49ABNA042.90.42.221.

Inschrijving    : Via e-mail adres:

Where past and future dissolve, the Now is happening.