Care underlies every expression of feeling and is the spontaneous arising out of the universal source through all natural forms. When we lose our sense of care, we suffer abandonment. When we seek to possess, we abandon care. Care is the inherent softness of awareness, that nurtures, affirms and enjoys all expressions of life. When we suffer, it is our care which suffers. When we celebrate, it is our care rejoicing with universal delight. Look deeply into the eyes and you will see the care behind all fury. Touch the world with care, and care will move through you, soothing the opening to the wonder of being here.


Here, I am always, already Caring

“Imagine you’re walking along and you see a plant coming up through the ground, or a kitten, or a dog, whatever it may be – and your heart opens out. Mettā is already there, spontaneously, without a single thought taking place. So why do we have to seek it?”

Russel Williams

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