LIVING JOY. i-Exist 2018, April 3-10, Glastonbury UK

Living Joy

The 2018 i-Exist Active Spiritual Retreat

With Bart ten Berge & Georgi Y. Johnson

April 3-10th, 2018

Neolithic England


What is joy? How do we let the joy unfold from all living experience? What do we need to let go of for joy to be without effort?

An inner and outer adventure through ancient England. Based in Glastonbury, we will rest, walk, meditate, explore and visit Stonehenge where we meditate inside the stone circle. There’ll be nature walks, outdoor and indoor seminars and meditations at sacred sites. Middlewick Holiday Cottage offers the ideal backdrop to enjoyment, with delightful English cottages, the rich nature of Glastonbury and nourishing vibrations of silence.