Resting in True Nature, Netherlands 17-21st August 2018

Resting in True Nature

Summer Retreat 17-21 August 2018

With Bart ten Berge & Georgi Y. Johnson

 “The qualities of our True Nature are formless, moving through and beyond the conditions of time and space.”

Nondual Therapy; The Psychology of Awakening


Releasing what we’re not, to manifest all we are.

What is my True Nature? Is it separate from the whole? When I release into True Nature, will I lose my individuality?

A five day retreat to fall back into the sweetness and spontaneity of True Nature. Offering meditations and techniques to allow an unconditional presence in the Here and Now, beyond grasping or aversion toward the changing seasons of the psyche.

The program combines teaching, satsang, on-site meditations and contemplations in nature.

Time: 10:00 – 18:00 each day.

Refreshments are available all day, as well as a vegetarian lunh.

Cost: 550 euros for the five days.

Space is limited, reserve early!

Count me in! (Secure your place with a 50 euro deposit)