Spiritual Psychology 1, Israel May 30 @ 9:00 am – June 3 @ 5:00 pm

In this first module of the Spiritual Psychology Education we will learn:
1. To open and refine the felt sense, deepening connection, and alignment to ourselves and the world.
2. To relax into allowing the healing impact of consciousness to move through the physical, as the primary agent of healing.
3. To meditate with a relaxed method that instantly invites more grounding, balance, alignment, and openness into the experiential field.
4. To inquire into our fundamental psychological assumptions about ourselves and others, moving from limited belief systems to the realm of possibility and transformation.

The Spiritual Psychology Education offers carefully structured exercises, meditations, knowledge, and training to allow increasing depths of happiness and freedom. This grounded, integrated system for inner growth, healing, and spiritual psychology liberates fear and allows for the joyful reunion of individual purpose with true nature. The education brings the skills and wisdom needed to become a practitioner of spiritual psychology and/or to deepen the feeling connection with any chosen way of life.

This is a unique chance to study with Bart ten Berge AND Georgi Y. Johnson in Zichron Yaakov, Israel.

Module 1 of Phase 1 is perhaps the most profound of all the modules within the seven-year system. In the five days, you’ll learn exercises and meditations that support the relaxation and opening of the felt-sense through contacting the subtle energy body. Safe, grounded and friendly, these workshops are the first step in reuniting with the source of all we are:: the first step in the direction of home.

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About Georgi & Bart

Born in Holland, Bart ten Berge is a qualified medical and homeopathic doctor with some 30 years experience pioneering, teaching and transmitting the system now formulated as the Spiritual Psychology Education. British-born Georgi Y. Johnson is the author of a series of books on spirituality and healing, refining and integrating the ancient insights of nonduality and timeless mysticism into the practice of psychology. Together and individually, they teach and give private mentorship around the world.

The ISSP Education in Spiritual Psychology consists of three phases, with each phase forming a complete training. To begin a subsequent level, the previous level must have been completed, or a similar course followed (to be approved by the facilitator). All three phases are individually certified by the ISSP and are recognized by the CRKBO (The Central Register for Short Vocational Education) in the Netherlands.

You can read more about spiritual psychology here: http://www.inner-growth.org/the-healing-education/

For questions and/or to register, contact Georgi:info@iamhere.life
+972 524297196

Please send a message to +972 524297196 to join the local WhatsApp group and to be notified of future events like this one.

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