Raise the Voice!

Answering the deep need for community among awakened individuals and courageous souls at the front-lines of inner-inquiry and the evolution of mind, I AM HERE promotes sharing, exchange, and the digital proliferation of inspiration and enlightened solidarity through its online venues, institutional structures and social networks.

The core teaching of I AM HERE is based on the insight of the flowing nature of manifestation between the life source and itself. through diverse, unique and yet transpersonal, layers of form and experience. In this, there is a great advantage in including modern science and its insights into the nature of our biology, consciousness and matter. I AM HERE is not allied to any religion or school of thought, not even the ‘human’ one, but rather, recognizes the tremendous richness in diversity of perspective, and the truth within each individual voice.

There are a variety of ways to take part in the I AM HERE community.

  • To contribute content, contact us at info@iamhere.life
  • To take part in online meditation meetups through ZOOM (Last Thursday of each month) go here.
  • To take part in live events and trainings with Bart ten Berge & Georgi Y. Johnson, check our Events Page.
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