“Perception doesn’t define who we are, but it does define where we are limited and where we are not yet free.” ~ Georgi

Georgi currently offers sessions in nondual therapy in Israel, and is also available when teaching abroad in the UK, the US and the Netherlands. From time to time, there are also days dedicated for healing sessions through Skype.

Georgi Y. JohnsonWhen you initiate a process here, a connection is made to a wider resource of love and peace – the healing effect of which can also be experienced remotely.

You can read more about the origins of Nondual Therapy here.

Also see: What is Nonduality, Anyway?

Inquiries for sessions with Georgi can be made by email: info@iamhere.life

or by SMS: (972) 524297196

Sessions in Israel take place at the Chashymie Center in Zichron Yaakov and last 1:15h.

thDedicated days for Skype/Telephone Sessions

Skype name: WAY-TO-EDEN

Personal or couple Sessions through Skype are $80-120 (sliding scale applies) for one and a quarter hours. Currently, Wednesdays are dedicated for this purpose. There is right now a three-week wait for these appointments, so we advise you book ASAP. For emergency situations (rather than ongoing process work), other times can be opened up on request.

After payment, we will be in touch with Skype connection details and to fix a suitable time for you.


Skype/Telephone Session with Georgi