I AM HERE -Georgi

I AM HERE ~ Opening the windows of life and beauty

By Georgi Y. Johnson

“The direct path to awakening, enlightenment & self realization. The new milestone in spiritual books & literature. An undercurrent of Rumi. The passion of Krishnamurti. The living wisdom of Nisargadatta Maharaj – all at the sentient heart of our Western culture. Opening the way for the meditation of being a human living.”

~ Dr. Tal Shapiro. 

Stepping within the mysteries of perception, we find three interwoven but separate powers of perception: consciousness, awareness and emptiness.

Through developing and refining these powers we have the opportunity to enter new ways of living.

Empowering, refining and exciting, this book is perfect to all seekers who until now believed that there was little to be found in the one that is seeking. Through these fascinating methods, we find we are able to be not just a human doing, not just a human being, but truly a human living.

According to Prof. Steve Taylor, one of the world’s most influential spiritual authors:

“I AM HERE is a book full of timeless wisdom, straight from the source, which will guide you to a richer and fuller life.” 



The cover of I AM HERE was especially designed by world-known spiritual artist Willem Janssen (The Art of Chi), whose paintings have recently been celebrated by Eckhart Tolle.