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Georgi & Bart

Georgi Y. Johnson and Bart ten Berge are spiritual teachers who came together in a shared process of self-discovery and spiritual inquiry.
Bart was born in Leiden in Holland and studied medicine and psychology before going on to train in homeopathic medicine and spiritual healing with the late Bob Moore. Bart’s unique combination of background knowledge with a deep psychic intuition and ability to support people at the depth in processes of inner growth and healing has led to an ever-expanding network of graduates and students. He is co-founder of the International School of Spiritual Psychology (ISSP) based in Holland, and is author of The Gift – the 1st of 7 Steps to a Happy and Fulfilled Life.
A graduate in English Literature from Oxford, Georgi has been a traveller through various schools of life: among them Catholicism, transcendental meditation, feminist psychoanalysis, Jewish conversion and transpersonal psychology. Putting experiential authenticity before form, she is presently leading others into an exploration of perception and the realization of the windows of perception: consciousness, awareness & emptiness. This exploration is described and formulated in the book I AM HERE – Opening the Windows to Life & Beauty.
Bart & Georgi presently hold international retreats in the UK, US, Netherlands and Israel. They also share the teaching of the Healing Principle – a 7 year education in spiritual healing and psychology. Mother and Father to 10 children, they are presently based in Israel.

You can read sequels of Georgi’s spiritual autobiography here.