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The source of life, or the nature of being – often called our true nature – reflects through qualities of human experience. So rich and varied are the flavors of sentience, that we could describe endless nuanced flavorings to source energy. However, our conditioning imprisons us in the idea that we are forever severed from the source of who we are. These qualities are presented as being in either-or structures of competiition, for example: that happiness is the opposite of sadness, while there is sadness within, it’s impossible to be happy.

Nondual therapy emphasized the fundamental resource of our true nature and seeks to support processes through which this conditioning is undone. The more we can rest in the qualities of our essential being, the less we suffer, and the less we become entangled in spirals of conflict.

Nondual qualities inherently invite wholeness to the fractured human psyche. Here are some pointers:

  1. Nondual Qualities get misconceived in duality.
  2. Nondual Qualities are evolutionary.
  3. Nondual Qualities are eternal and infinite.
  4. Nondual Qualities are felt through the senses.
  5. Nondual Qualities are inseparable from awareness.
  6. Nondual Qualities manifest through balance and harmony.